Bowing to The Strongest on HD Metal White Gloss (Thickness .045") Art by InkArtLuis

In stock

Note: This product is custom order and takes us 5-8 days to produce each metal print. We Do not Hold any in stock!

  • All Sharp Corners Will Be Rounded So you don't have to worry about sharp edges and cutting yourself
  • A Crystal Clear Storage Sleeve Will Be Included to protect your print during shipping, and so you can have the most mind art work
  • Easy To Clean Just Water/Windex and a Soft Microfiber Cloth
  • Hanging Mount will be included - MDF wood block with a saw tooth hanger you just need 1 nail to hang




My name is Luis Figueiredo,

I'm a 31years old Portuguese guy always looking for new challenges. The passion and eager to draw more and more and to show all the effort I put in every single new piece is what makes my flame alive and growing more and more.

My fans are the inspiration that fires my imagination and my eager to keep doing the best of myself! I was not born with any talent, fortunately I was born with 2 hands and an open mind that allowed me to get inspired by what I see and like and turn that vision and creativity into what I want to draw.

I always say to my students that if you have the passion and the will to do what you want, you can do everything because nothing is impossible!
One of the most important things as an artists: that people recognize the work you put into each piece and that they know they can count on me for creating what they ever dreamed.

Come check out more of this artist work on his social media channels.

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