Tips For Taking Picture With Kids

How stressful it can be to take pictures with little kids. You are spending a good amount of money and want your pictures to turn out. I get it! Here are some of my tips for having a successful photo shoot with little kids. Have fun, experiment, and get your kids involved.  

Tip 1 : Give your kids are well-rested and happy

You know what times would work best for your kids. When is their nap time? Have they been fed?  Feed your kids before you leave the house or gave them a snack before getting them dressed so they were full and happy!

Tip 2 : Prepare to play

Bring along props or activities: bubbles, blanket, stuffed animals or books.

Tip 3 : Go with the flow

The cutest pictures happen when you follow your child's lead. They will be more playful, cooperative and everyone will have a better time.

Tip 4 : Give them a treat

Taking a 5 minute break, to have a little treat, is sometimes all kids need to finish up the shoot. Also, ice cream, candies after pictures works well. ;)

Tip 5 : Encourage interaction

We all know moments move quickly when kids are involved and they will move from one thing to another in an instant. If you want to get a joyful reaction or the genuine smiles you need to do something like “give him a tickle"

I hope these tips help you capture photos of your kids just a little better 🙂 Happy shooting!


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