Portrilux Metal Print

 Portrilux, offers a brushed-textured finish throughout the image, especially apparent in the white and highlight areas of your image. Intensly saturated images and graphics are recommended. Black & White images are also especially impressive in this particular finish. Image is directly sublimated onto pre-treated aluminum panels. Easy to clean. Temperature, moisture and scratch resistant.


To create our , we use a dye sublimation process. Dye sublimation is a technological process through which an image is infused directly into a substrate.

Images are first printed onto transfer paper, which is then adhered to a coated aluminum sheet. The aluminum and transfer paper are subsequently placed into a heat press, which causes the dyes from the transfer paper to transform into gas. These gaseous dyes are pressed into the surface of the metal, and as the metal cools, the dyes return to their solid state, becoming permanently infused into the aluminum substrate.


  • ARCHIVAL: Portrilux Metal Prints are more archival than any other traditional print surface. They last approximately 100 years in light before any noticeable color fading occurs, and about 200 years in dark storage.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: As a result of the dye sublimation process, images are infused beneath the surface of the metal, making our metal prints more durable than traditional inkjet prints or c-prints.
  • FIRE RETARDANT: Metal Prints can withstand high heat.
  • MODERN AESTHETIC: Our Metal Prints also come with a 1” aluminum brace on the back, which gives them a float effect.
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